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Apple has updated its Safari browser for iOS 13, and has introduced some enhancements to the beloved browser for the iPhone. Here’s one of the most important tips users will want to know about it: how to download files.

In iOS 13, Safari features an updated start page that gives users easy access to their favorite websites, frequently visited websites, and most recently visited websites. The update also displays relevant websites based on a user’s browsing history as well as Siri suggested content. It even displays link that were sent to users via Messages.

One of the enhancements done to Safari in iOS 13, according to MacRumors, is the addition of a new Download Manager. The new Download Manager gives users a way to easily access the files they have downloaded, as well as a way to check the status of the files they are currently downloading.

The update also allows users to pick files up from the Download Manager interface, then drag and drop them straight into other files or emails. The Download Manager also allows users to download files in the background, without those annoying status boxes blocking stuff on the screen.

Like other features on iOS13, the Download Manager can only be used when it is called up to the screen. Unlike Safari for Mac, Safari for iOS won’t have a download button visible on top. This article will guide people on how to download files from Safari to the iPhone (running iOS 13) or iPad (running iPadOS 13) courtesy of iPhoneHacks.

  • First, go to a page where the download link can be found, then tap on the link. Once a popup asking the user if he wants to download the file appears, click the “Download” button.
  • After this, a “Downloads” icon will appear at the top-right corner of Safari. Tapping on this will give users access to all available downloads and inform users of the status of the files they are downloading. Users can pause and resume the download process if they want. Users can also delete a download by swiping left and tapping the “Delete” button. Users can download multiple files at once.
  • Once the file (or files) are downloaded, users can open them by simply tapping on it. The file will then be opened via the Files app. Files that are visible in the Files app can be be previewed or opened if they are in a supported format.
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