• Apple is anticipated to launch the iPhone 12 series sometime between September and November of this year
  • The Cupertino tech giant has not yet confirmed that the iPhone 12 is in development
  • A recent discovery points that the rumored iPhone 12 series might ship with one of the most exciting features many users want

Apple commenced its annual WWDC event and announced the iOS 14. The new mobile operating system from the Cupertino tech giant introduced a lot of exciting features. Apart from the latest additions in the platform, it appears that Apple integrated a new option under the Accessibility tab, which hints that the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro might feature a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Reputable industry insider Ben gaskin shared on his Twitter account that it made an interesting discovery in the iOS 14 beta. According to him, the upcoming mobile operating system from Apple would allow users to limit the frame rate on their iPhone. This new addition appears to make sense to iPad Pro models that feature a 120 Hz display refresh rate.

The current generation iPhone 11 series only sports 60 Hz display refresh rate. Geskin’s discovery could mean that the Cupertino tech giant is preparing the feature for the soon-to-be-released iPhone 12 series, possibly on the iPhone 12 Pro. However, Geskin’s discovery is not applicable on all iPhone models.

Apple, which launched its iPhone Xs models , is expected to unveil new handsets which may be branded as iPhone 11
Apple is reportedly preparing iPhone 12 to be an AR-ready device based on the latest patent. AFP / NOAH BERGER

Some Twitter users claim that the feature is not available on their iPhone models even on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Earlier rumors claimed that Apple would exclusively feature the 120 Hz display refresh rate on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the standard iPhone models might not have the same display refresh rate as the higher-tier models, rumors noted.

Whispers online about the upcoming iPhone 12 series featuring a 120 Hz display refresh rate further escalated over a week ago. It was triggered when the CEO of Display Supply Chain consultants showed a phone list that would feature a 120 Hz display refresh rate. Interestingly, both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are on that list.

Apple has not yet confirmed that it is launching the heavily rumored iPhone 12 series this year. Several industry insiders claim that the debut might be pushed back to October or November of this year. It is worth noting that while the new evidence seemingly points out that the iPhone 12 line up might feature a 120 Hz display refresh rate, it is not yet official.