• iOS 14 to have more home screen features
  • iOS 14 to help keep iPhone organized
  • iOS 14 is expected to address iOS 13 bugs

iOS 13.4 has just been released although there are still a lot of issues that are left unresolved. Released last March 24, there are still bugs tied up to connectivity and some display issues that need to be tackled. Most are hoping to see all these addressed by the time iOS 14 comes out.

Speaking of iOS 14, some of the features for the next Apple operating system have come out. Among the new things, iPhone users will get to see are home screen improvements. According to 9 to 5 Mac, iOS 14 will give users the ability to use widgets that can be moved freely around like icons. The said feature is codenamed "Avocado" but further details about it were not expounded. Considering that the iOS 14 launch is still in June, there is a chance that this could be scrapped.

Aside from the widgets, new wallpaper settings and customizations could be on the way. DongleBookPro shared some screenshots of these new options which include a "Collections" menu which should come in hand for camera trigger-happy users.

On a different note, this also hints that Apple will not be removing the wallpapers that were introduced in iOS 13. Instead, the ability to group them for better organization seems to be happening. This should make it easier for folks who want a better way to scroll through wallpapers they can use.

Related to wallpapers, users will reportedly be able to alter their appearance. iPhone owners will be able to dim, blur or darken the wallpapers according to their preference. This should be an ideal option for folks who want to become artsy or want the proper illumination when using their device.

Some still rue the clutter they have to deal with on their iPhones, preferring only to see their most-used apps. Wallpapers have not exactly been getting rave feedback but grouping them could be a move towards the right direction.

All these are subject to change with more features likely to be revealed in the coming months. Apple is scheduled to reveal iOS 14 during the WWDC 2020 event this June. The event will only be presented online.