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The untethered jailbreak for A5 devices, viz., iPhone 4S and iPad 2, is expected to be released soon but the jailbreak community do not know what is the exact date.

And even though the new dream team, comprised of big name hackers (@planetbeing, @MuscleNerd and @p0sixninja), has made considerable progress - recently, the team stepped up to escape from the sandbox - the work that needs to be done is still a lot.

Fortunately, the hacker community did release the iOS 5.0.1 unthered jailbreak for iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4-CDMA, iPad, iPod Touch 3G and iPod touch 4G. The jailbreak was released by iPhone Dev Team (Corona 5.0.1) and Chronic Dev Team (RedSn0w 9.10b) based on French hacker pod2g's work. Later, the iPhone Dev Team twice revised RedSn0w 9.10b (first 0.9.10b2, then 0.9.10b3) to fix some problem.

When the number of the A4 untethered jailbreak increased, more problems popped up. Some problems are due to iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak bugs, while other problems were because of misoperation.

In the end of 2011, Tech&Trends did some research and published an article for our readers. According to our readers' comments, some of them have solved their jailbreak issues, but some problems were not stated in the article. So we researched again. Following are some new tips to fix the jailbreak issues based on our research:

1. A repetitive problem users face: iTunes give me error 160x (usually it is 1600). This is a known error that is indication of host file being pointed to cydia, not to Apple when restoring to pwned current version, and we got the solution from a user: pwned DFU restore to custom version while host file points to Cydia causing this error and bypassing it is easy. All that has to be done is to open tinyumbrella and make sure set host to Cydia under advanced tab is NOT CHECKED, ( if it is checked, uncheck it), close tiny and reboot PC. Clear browsing history and type to your browser . If you see Ops Apple page cannot be found, proceed with restore. If you see Cydia, proceed with your method of restore to 5.0.1.

2. A user, who decided to upgrade it to 5.0.1 from 4.0.1, asked, Will jailbreak and install Cydia option delete official App store applications and their data from the iphone? Restoring to custom IPSW wiped out everything (not just Cydia apps as I naively expected) - I really wish people writing tutorials spelled that loud and clear. I also stupidly assumed that iTunes Sync saves application data, and did not back up my data. If you have come across the same obstacle, here is the solution: As you were upgraded from 4.0.1 to 5.0.1, the backup would not restore. So you would have needed a Cydia app like data deposit to store your scores, data & stuff for your App Store apps. Then after the jailbreak is complete, re-sync your apps back into your phone & use data deposit to put your scores & suff back.

3. If you want to update your iPhone 4 (4.3.5) to (5.0.1) without losing your stuff and also you want to save my baseband (04.10.01), please read following instructions ( This tip should work if you preserve your baseband at 4.1.0.):

First, Download latest redsn0w, tiny umbrella and download stock iOS5.0.1 (use Mozilla). Then open tiny umbrella and make sure set host to cydia under advanced tab is NOT CHECKED, close tiny and reboot pc.

Open redsn0w, go extra, custom ipsw, point redsn0w to downloaded ios 5.0.1 for your device. When done you will have custom NO_BB 5.0.1 IPSW. Plug iPhone to PC, open redsn0w, go to extra, pwned dfu, follow directions to put phone to pwned dfu.

Open itunes, dismiss all messaged about restore, hold shift (option on Mac) and click restore, in new window navigate to custom NO_BB ios 5.0.1 be very careful to choose custom. Restore to it.

After restore, either activate with sim card for original provider, then jailbreak with redsn0w, or (only if you do not have that sim) run redsn0w to jailbreak right from set up screen. When jailbroken, install ultrasn0w from cydia.

We will continue to do research and try to find out some solutions for jailbreak issues. If you have found some solutions for any issue, let us know in the comments.

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