Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is likely to integrate both Flickr and Vimeo into the upcoming iOS 7, according to a new report.

Citing “a person familiar with the software,” 9to5Mac reported on Tuesday that Flickr and Vimeo would be added deeply into the iOS 7, allowing users to sign into the respective networks through the software’s in-built Settings application. Similar to Facebook and Twitter integrations, iOS device users will now be able to access both Flickr and Vimeo by only once entering their credentials.

The report noted that since iOS 7 is yet to be announced officially so, “any feature in testing could be removed prior to the announcement.”

However, if the rumored changes indeed make it to the new iOS version, how will they work? Here’s how the report explained the Flickr integration:

“With Flickr integration, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch customers will have the ability to share photos stored and/ or taken on their devices to Flickr with a single tap from the system-wide share menu. Flickr has been integrated into the paid iPhoto iOS App Store app and OS X Mountain Lion since 2012, but iOS 7 will represent the first time in which the photo sharing service has been integrated deeply into the entire iOS operating system.”

When it comes to the Vimeo integration, the development is considered as a significant one for iOS as Apple removed Google services from its products recently. Although it’s still unknown whether Vimeo would fully replace YouTube in the iOS 7, it could well be a new video-sharing option that would provide users a choice other than YouTube.

The system-wide integration of Flickr and Vimeo, which is already present in OS X, will be significant not only for Apple’s own iOS customer base, but also contribute to the growth of both social networks. It’s worth noting here that following Twitter integration with iOS 5, the site’s overall monthly signups increased by 25 percent globally.

With Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) around the corner, the tech world is flooded with rumors and speculations related to iOS 7. Recent reports have suggested that the new iOS version will feature a redesigned user interface (UI), which is expected to be very flat.