According to the latest report, based on a source that is closely linked to one of the largest manufacturers of Apple accessories, there have been interesting discoveries regarding the upcoming iPad 3. In particular, the source said that the external shape of both the iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 will almost be identical.

The source has shared that the edges of the iPad 3 will be tapered but its center will be deeper compared to the iPad 2 so as to enable updates and upgrades on the screen of Apple's next generation tablet.

Also it is reported that the third-generation iPad will sport a double resolution retina display. This will mean doubling the current iPad's resolution to 2048x1536 and also ensuring a picture quality in which pixels are indiscernible to the human eye.

With over 25 million iPad 2s sold worldwide, the hype for the iPad 3 has surely picked up. In fact, it is expected that the iPad 3 will be more popular and will meet the skyward expectations of both Apple and its loyal fans.

To ensure that Apple stays strong in the tablet world, iPad 3 seems to be a needed release. The upcoming tablet will be Apple's major hit for this year, which will not only maintain their current status in the tablet world but will also push their Android competitors back.