The iPad Mini 5 release is on track. Experts are predicting a stable supply of the products, with the touch panel suppliers ready to ship the components in sufficient quantity. Apple will reportedly be launching a new entry-level tablet along with the Mini 5.

According to a report by Digi Times, the Taiwan based touch panel makers General Interface Solution (GIS) and TPK Holding are expecting stable orders from Apple, thanks to the iPads the company is making. 40 percent of Apple’s touch screen requirements will be fulfilled by GIS, according to experts, and the rest will be divided between TPK and the China based firm O-film Technology.

Experts are also predicting the launch of two tablets in the first half of 2019. Along with an iPad Mini 5 there will be a new entry-level tablet.

According to a previous report by Mac Rumors, iPad Mini 5 is expected to come with a processor upgrade and a lower cost panel. The launch is expected to happen along with the upcoming iPad Pro, but there is no official confirmation about the release date yet.

As far as the new entry-level iPad is concerned, Mac Rumors previously reported that the device is expected to come in two versions. The new device will come with a 10-inch display, and it will be replacing the current sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad. The other big change in the device is that it will have a narrower frame. The price is expected to be about the same for the new tablet.

Apple reportedly plans to reduce the cost of production of the two new low-end tablets by switching the LED supplier from Japan to a lower cost Korean-made LED display. The launch of the product is tipped to be the second half of 2019.

With the iPad Mini 5 set to launch in a few short months, Apple should be gearing up the production. The company was supposed to start mass producing the units last month.