Apple’s iPad Mini series news and rumors have been surfacing lately. It’s been many years since Apple last released an iPad Mini, but many sources have claimed to know the new version's potential release date, new appearance and price. Here’s what we know about the Apple iPad Mini 5 from speculation so far. 

According to 9to5Mac, a Twitter user posted some pictures of an Apple device. Many Apple fans have never seen the build of this iPad device before, so some speculated that this could possibly be the Apple iPad Mini 5. So far, the potential Apple iPad Mini 5 shown in the pictures shares many similar features with the previous iteration in terms of hardware. The only difference found is the antenna line, which is for cellular connectivity.

Potentially, the next iPad Mini 5 has something else in store when it comes to performance specs or software upgrade if it has not much change in its hardware.

As for its price, sources claimed that it would be around $300 to $329. The upgrades in this version may warrant this price increase compared to the previous iPad Mini 4. Lastly, the Apple iPad Mini 5 is expected to be announced or released this 2019, but Apple has yet to provide any official info about it.

So far, it’s been five years since the release of iPad Mini 4. Apple has already moved on with the development of the iPad Pro series of the device, and it ndid not seem that they were going to release an Apple iPad Mini 5 over these past several years.

However, many rumors and analysts are expecting the return of the Apple iPad Mini 5 for 2019.  CES 2019 was just concluded earlier this month, and Apple didn’t even talk about in their appearance on this major gadget showcase convention.

As of this year’s CES, Apple has announced a partnership with leading TV makers like LG and Vizio, which analysts view as Apple’s move to further boost their standing in the services market rather than the gadget market. For now, we’ll have to wait for more info to see if the Apple iPad Mini 5 will really be released in 2019.