• Apple is expected to launch a new iPad Pro model next year
  • The 2020 iPad Pro might have an additional rear camera, support for 3D, and new technologies used for faster connectivity
  • The 2020 iPad Pro's release date remains unclear at the moment

Previous reports revealed that Apple is working on a new iPad Pro model that will have more features compared to the existing iPad Pro model. What will the new iPad Pro model feature? Here's a quick look at at what we know about Apple's upcoming device as of writing time.

A new camera setup

The upcoming iPad Pro, as per Bloomberg, will have a rear camera module that will fit two camera sensors. This is a welcome change from the current iPad Pro's single rear camera setup.

A 3D sensor

Aside from the two rear-facing cameras, the rear camera module is also said to feature a “small hole” that will house a 3D system. This new system will allow users to use the iPad Pro to recreate three-dimensional models of various objects, rooms, and even people.

The new 3D system is said to be more powerful than the existing Face ID sensor found in the latest iPhone models (starting with the iPhone X). This technology, which will be used on the upcoming iPad Pro, is also considered as a “centerpiece” of Apple's push for augmented reality.

The iPad Pro with 3D sensor is considered as the first in a range of AR and VR (virtual-reality) devices the Cupertino giant is said to be planning to release in the next few years. The new 3D system also indicates that the iPad Pro will have more uses in industrial applications. The new 3D system will also be used on next year's iPhone models.

A new display

According to noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a high-end iPad Pro model set for release next year could feature a new display that uses mini-LED technology. Mini-LED is cheaper than micro-LED but doesn't suffer from the burn-in issues OLED displays face.

Advanced communication technologies

Kuo also said that next year's iPad Pro models will use LCP soft boards instead of rigid, inflexible PCBs. This component will allow Apple to design the iPad Pro so that it can achieve faster connection speeds and enjoy improved overall network performance.

Bloomberg's sources claim that the new device is expected to arrive in the market within the first half of next year. Kuo, on the other hand, said it could be released between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

iPad Pro display
Pictured: The new iPad Pro is put on display during an Apple launch event at One Hanson Place on October 30, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Apple debuted a new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. Getty Images/Stephanie Keith