Best Augmented Reality Of 2023

At a time when technology consistently transcends the boundaries of human imagination, few innovations have captivated our senses and possibilities, quite like augmented reality (AR). The seamless combination of digital and physical elements has given rise to an immersive experience that further closes the gap between what's real and what's not.
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Apple Augmented Reality glasses

Facebook Challenging Apple With Its Own AR Smart Glasses

Everybody knows by now that Apple is working on a sleek pair of augmented reality glasses meant to be used on a daily basis. A new report indicates that Facebook is also working on its offering, and is racing to create the best AR smart glasses for consumers.
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Apple Needs Help For Ambitious AR Headset Project

Apple has some ambitious augmented-reality projects including AR and VR headsets. These projects are so big that the Cupertino tech giant might need outside help in order to make them succeed. Why should Apple ask other companies to help it realize its goals? Here are some reasons why.


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