• Apple said AppleCare+ covers the new Magic Keyboard
  • There's a catch, however -- buyers have to get the new iPad Pro, too
  • This is because AppleCare+ is a repair plan for the iPad Pro and other devices

Apple's new Magic Keyboard is a nifty accessory that turns the new 2020 iPad Pro more into a computer replacement device. It features the new scissor keyboard which is more reliable and durable compared to the faulty butterfly keyboard that plagued Apple and its customers, and also features a special hinge that allows the iPad Pro to “float” above the keyboard like a monitor.

Those who purchase the new Magic Keyboard know that it isn't cheap. Cult of Mac even calls it the “very expensive one that debuted last week.” The new accessory is so expensive that buyers can already buy a new iPad for the same price – the 11-inch keyboard costs $299 while the 12.9-inch keyboard costs $349. A new base-model iPad, on the other hand, costs only $329.

Thankfully, Apple announced that purchasing an AppleCare+ package for the new iPad Pro nets coverage for the new Magic Keyboard as well. This information, spotted by a netizen who spoke to Brazilian site MacMagazine, should give 2020 iPad Pro buyers some peace of mind.

As seen in Apple's support site, “AppleCare+ extends your iPad, Apple Pencil, and Apple-branded iPad keyboard coverage and includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage every 24 months.” All who purchase a new iPad Pro allows users to get their accessories covered as well.

Cult of Mac noted, however, that those who purchase the new iPad Pro only have up to 60 days to get AppleCare+. This means those who delay in getting the new Magic Keyboard won't be able to have it covered even if they already have AppleCare+ for the tablet. Buyers who want the keyboard covered need to get the repair plan before the 60-day period ends.

What's more, AppleCare+ can't be purchased separately for the Magic Keyboard of any other iPad Pro accessory, for that matter. It is an iPad repair plan, which means those who want to get AppleCare+ will need to get a new iPad Pro. Those who want to get the new keyboard as an upgrade for the 2018 iPad Pro won't get coverage for it.

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