Apple’s supposed next flagship phone, the iPhone 11, is having a field day with all the negative media it is getting, which begs us to find an answer to the question: should we even buy an iPhone this year?

Based on recent news, Apple has yet to recognize the existence of an iPhone 11, and people are pretty much basing expectations on the Cupertino giant’s annual release of a new flagship phone. If this is not bad enough, there’s hardly any positive media at all. The triple camera design render, although expected to be powerful, is described to be so ugly that a Forbes report described it as “the sort of subtlety that Steve Jobs would have thrown back at his design team demanding a rethink.”

Those are harsh words indeed considering that the iPhone has always been one of the most visually stunning smartphones in the market. But harsh words the new phone is truly going to get no thanks to the expected triple camera render that’s coraled by an even bigger large square hump. It takes up so much of the back one would think the design is trying to outshine the Apple logo.

The report said that the camera bulge has since been minimized because of the phone’s protection features, however, the portion remains disruptive overall. It doesn’t help as well that the Cupertino tech giant also plans to abandon the anticipated camera upgrade which would have made use of Quantum Dot image sensors. Analysts had high hopes for this feature as the ugly back camera design would have been offset by the camera’s performance.

Add to this, there seem to be nothing new that the iPhone 11 could actually be offering because even the expected USB-C port doesn’t seem to be coming in this year’s model as well. The USB-C port would have been groundbreaking because not only would it charge iOS smartphones faster, but it would also elevate Apple’s chances of competing with Android models.

With this in mind, it would seem practical to wait for the 2020 lineup instead. Apple’s 2020 smartphones are expected to feature powerful 5G capabilities. The phones are also rumored to have some groundbreaking features like a stunning in-display technology that we haven’t seen from any phone. Through the new function, Apple could be bringing back the touch ID, but this time, the ID sensor will fill up the whole iPhone screen.

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages