A supposed “leaked” video showing what seems to be the iPhone 11 Max has recently surfaced, and it pretty much confirms what analysts have been saying for the past few months — that Apple will be introducing a triple-camera module in its new flagship line.

The video, posted by YouTube user Amazing Unboxing, shows what seems to be the iPhone 11 Max or iPhone 11 Plus, and it has been viewed more than 30,000 times. The person doing the video said that the Cupertino giant is expected to release its official name in the coming month.

Based on the post, the camera hump enclosing the triple cameras and the flash is quite ostentatious and is situated a little too close to the Apple logo, affecting the phone’s general aesthetics. Aside from this, the video also shows that the Cupertino firm could still be using the lightning cable this year instead of the anticipated USB-C port.

The mute button also seems unchanged compared to previous models, even though some analysts are saying that the switcher will be replaced with a round render. The bezels also look like metal was used, making the whole phone actually look heavier.

One is bound to doubt the authenticity of the unit, especially since it wasn’t explained how the user was able to get his hands on the iPhone 11 Max. A surprising detail somewhere along the video also confirmed that the “iPhone 11” he was demonstrating was not authentic since it’s running on Android OS. The interface is pretty impressive though as it looks exactly like iOS. The user explained that the phone is running an OS that was created to mimic iOS.

A quick reflection of the user also showed what looks like a Chinese national, so it can actually be assumed that the phone was created based on leaked units of the real iPhone or iPhone cases being manufactured in the Asian powerhouse.

The real iPhone 11 flagship phones are expected to be introduced by September this year. The supposed new lineup has recently gotten some negative media no thanks to the triple-camera module that some reliable websites have called both “boring” and “ugly.”

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages
apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages gettyimages