The iPhone 4S releases Friday and with pre-orders already sold out tech heads are pretty excited.

However, there is a notable group of detractors that aren't too excited about the new iPhone. They're called Android users. Android mobile OS is a popular alternative to the iPhone and comes on a plethora of devices. However, the iPhone 4S makes some impressive strides on even the most powerful Android phones-catching up in some areas and surpassing them in others.

So is the iPhone 4S going to convince Android users to giving up their not-part-of-the-herd coolness? Probably not. But we've found the best reasons to switch sides anyway. Go ahead and take a look. We won't tell anyone.

iOS 5
iOS 5 comes with a ton of new features: reminders, iMessage, a new gaming center and across-the-platform Twitter integration just to name a few. The new notification center is much similar to Androids notification handling-that will cut down on device culture shock. Though a lot of the same functionality can be found on the Android market, Apple has included it natively on the iOS 5 and the features are much better integrated with one another.

The iCloud is one of the new features at the heart of iOS 5. The service ties all of your devices together. So things you buy on your computer's iTunes will show up on your iPhone and iPad automatically and wirelessly. And photos you take with your iPhone will show up on your computer. Apple is also providing users with 5 GB of free online storage.

Siri is a Voice Assistant app that is extremely intuitive. Though Android has voice control apps, it is nowhere near this powerful. It can set calendar appointments or your alarm, check and read e-mails or find near-by restaurants. All using natural sounding phrases. Want to know if you should wear a raincoat? Siri brings up the weather and sees if it's raining. Want to know the answer to life, the universe and everything? She'll respond 42.

64GB of Internal Storage
The iPhone 4S has some of the most storage on any mobile phone. Some Android phones come with 32GB of storage, though it is split between internal storage and a removable MicroSD chip. Androids will have to switch out a lot of memory cards to match the onboard storage of the high-end iPhone 4S's.

The 8-megapixel Camera
Only a few Android phones can match the 4S's 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video capability. The 4S also comes with new image stabilization and a tap to focus feature. Also, iOS 5 will come with a host of new editing features like auto-color enhancing, cropping and red-eye reduction.