iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S Reuters

T-Mobile missed out on the iPhone, so if you're a customer of theirs, you can grab the Galaxy S2 or the slightly cheaper HTC Sensation 4G. It's $200 with a new two year contract, the same price as iPhone 4S. Sensation 4G will be getting the Android 4.0 update, HTC has confirmed, but it might be a couple more months before it gets it. There is no set timetable with the new Android update, and HTC devices may have to wait for Samsung devices to get their update's first. Furthermore, because HTC likes to add its own software on top of the Android system, it is not known what Sensation 4G will look like at that point. Sensation 4G uses the HTC overlay known as Sense, and that may or may not restrict some of the new functions that Android 4.0 is set to bring. Sensation also has an eight megapixel camera in the rear and very good 960x540p resolution to its 4.3-inch qHD display. Compare that to the iPhone 4S'

960x640p resolution on a 3.5-inch screen. It gets better resolution, but on a smaller screen. iPhone also has a good rear-facing camera, so it's a close call because the Sensation 4G's camera is also pretty good. It comes down to software here, and the Apple photo software is better than HTC's. Of course, you can add photo editing apps later on, but out of the box Apple slightly edges out Sensation on the camera. One critical thing to consider is battery life, something Apple tries very hard to maximize. That's one of the reasons the iPhone 4S doesn't have a larger screen or 4G speed. Sensation does, however, so depending on how you use it, iPhone 4S may have a better battery. If you are a casual user, it won't matter at all, but if you are a speed demon, T-Mobile's 4G network will for sure have you grabbing for your charger more often. iPhone 4S also has Siri, the digital assistant, so if your T-Mobile contract is up and you are thinking of spending $200 on a new phone, get the iPhone 4S. Tell us in the comments what smartphones you are eyeing these days.