Apple iPhone 6
Not many products can compete against expected Apple iPhone 6 sales Reuters

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) is poised to sell more iPhone 6 units than any other iPhone ever released, with reports suggesting they're preparing for demand in the 75 million to 80 million range in the first three months alone.

That's a lot of phones, so for perspective we decided to compare the iPhone 6 to lots of other popular things from Apple and beyond:


As of June, Apple had sold 200 million iPads since it launched in 2010, making it the most successful new product since the iPhone. But sales have been in decline and the 55 million iPads sold in 2014 don't stand much of a chance competiting against the iPhone 6. Winner: iPhone 6


With a multitude of Android tablets to choose from, Apple is going to have a hard time beating the overall tablet market. Gartner expects 256 million tablets to be sold in 2014. Winner: tablets


First unveiled in 2001, the iPod sold a mere 125,000 units in its first three months. This number would soon accelerate as it became the de facto standard mp3 player, with sales doubling in the first year and quadrupling the year after. But the iPod market has been on the wane since the iPhone came along. As of June, Apple has sold 11 million iPods in 2014 compared to the 129.9 million iPhones sold in 2014. Winner: iPhone 6


The global PC industry fares a little better, but declining sales could be its downfall. The PC industry sold 75.7 million desktop computers between April and June of this year, according to Gartner. If they exceed that in the fourth quarter of this year, they're definitely giving iPhone 6 a run for its money. Winner: tossup


The iPhone 6 isn’t a car, but if it was it would hold its own against an entire automotive industry. Set against the U.S. market alone, the iPhone 6’s expected sales would dwarf the 15.6 million cars sold in 2013, but what about all the cars all over the world? The world's automakers sold 82.8 million vehicles around the globe in 2013, according to IHS Automotive. The catch: they'll take a year to do what Apple may do in three months. Winner: iPhone 6

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One continue to be popular items in the video game community with several new games slated for this fall. Sony currently claims ten million PS4 consoles sold to date, while Microsoft reportedly has sold five million Xbox One consoles, according to GameSpot. The Apple iPhone 6 will have no problem beating those numbers, even with PS4 and Xbox One unit sales combined. Winner: iPhone 6


The Cronut, a croissant-like donut shaped pastry, which swept the nation last year always manages to draw a crowd to Chef Dominique Ansel’s Bakery in New York, selling out each day. With approximately 300 Cronuts made daily, rough estimates point to over 140,000 Cronuts sold to date. The delectable treat is likely to continue selling out from Ansel’s bakery, but it’s not about to surpass iPhone 6’s estimated ten million weekend sales anytime soon. Winner: iPhone 6


Over its three year run (1998-2001), Furby, the electronic owl-like robot toy managed to sell over 40 million units, thanks to intense consumer demand. While the toy was revived by Hasbro Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) in 2012, Furby's lifetime sales are unlikely to match iPhone 6's projected first anytime soon. Winner: iPhone 6

Barbie Dolls

Mattel Inc. (NASDAQ:MAT), the maker behind the famous Barbie doll, is said to sell 94 million every year. The Apple iPhone 6 won’t necessarily beat this number in its first months. But if Apple’s nearly 130 million iPhone 5S and 5C devices sold as of July is any indicator, the iPhone 6 will have no problem beating this number. Winner: iPhone 6

Michael Jackson's “Thriller”

The king of pop sold 66 million copies of the best-selling album of all time, but it took several decades to get there. In only three months, the iPhone 6 is projected to pass “Thriller” album sales without breaking a sweat. Winner: iPhone 6

Apple is expected to the unveil iPhone 6 at a media event on Sept. 9. The new smartphone is expected to contain a number of new features, including a larger battery, faster processor and a sapphire screen.