Rumors concerning the release date and new features of the iPhone 7 continue to circulate. Said to hit stores this September, the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are rumored to include a number of new features that have people talking – for better or for worse.

As the reported release date of Apple’s newest generation of iPhones nears, these are the five biggest rumors that have blogs, news outlets and consumers all buzzing.

1. As rumor would have it, the new iPhone 7 release date could be one of two potential launch dates, BGR reported. A “report from a trustworthy source” told the site that Apple will debut the new iPhone on Sept. 7. In addition, Evan Blass, a well-known tech "leaker," tweeted out that the preorders for the phone would begin on Sept. 9, and that the in-store launch was set for Sept. 16. However, the same site also reported that AT&T retail staff claimed that the iPhone 7 would launch Sept. 23.

2. MacRumors published that Apple might be facing supply shortages for the new phone. A new report originating from Apple’s supply chain suggested that the company “may need to contend with a supply shortage” for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

3. One of the biggest rumors surrounding the new phone is that the new phone will no longer have a headphone jack, reported Time. The lack of jack will apparently make the new iPhones slimmer and more water-resistant.

4. Bloomberg revealed that Apple Inc. would be incorporating a new feature especially for Japan. The iPhone will supposedly include a mobile tap-to-pay feature developed by Sony Corp, FeliCa, which will allow users in Japan to pay for mass-transit with the phones.

5. MacWorld wrote that additional features for the new generation of iPhone Plus will include a five and a half-inch screen and a dual-camera lens.