Apple's antenna issues resurfaced in Verizon's iPhone 4.

In July, reports from consumers and several technology blogs said the iPhone 4 would lose signal strength when touching the lower left edge of the phone, creating a bridge between the two antennas, resulting in dropped calls in some areas and lowered signal strength.

Early reviews seemed to indicate the problem had been addressed in the Verizon version of the iPhone, in part due to changes in the hardware. Apple and Verizon said that the problems related to the Antenna have been fixed in the Verizon iPhone 4, giving hope to customers annoyed by the problem.

But a video posted on YouTube by ilounge showed how when the iPhone 4 is held in the death grip while attempting to reload a webpage, the download speed was visibly slower on Verizon's 3G network, with the signal strength reduced to just one bar. At other times one could find an error message showing the server cannot be reached. When the iPhone was not held in the death grip, loading pages was faster.

The video also showed that switching from the Verizon network to Wi-Fi mode, when held under standard death grip, the phone had fewer signal strength problems. But when the smartphone was held in widescreen orientation in a death hug - with both hands wrapped tightly around the edge -- the signal strength dropped dramatically.

In spite the antenna issues that plagued the iPhone 4, the survey from ChangeWave Research held last year showed that 72% of iPhone 4 users were very satisfied with their device.

The video showing Antenna problems on the iPhone 4: