• Safari downloads are stored to a folder in iCloud by default
  • Users can change the default Safari downloads folder with a few taps on the screen
  • Users can designate specific folders, or let the iPhone create one for them

While Safari offers users the convenience of allowing them to download files over the internet, there's a good chance that not many users know that all the files they have downloaded are automatically stored to a folder in their iCloud.

While storing downloads to iCloud allows users to access them using any device (that has access to that iCloud account), the default storage option brings with it two major downsides that users probably won't want:

  • First, automatically saving downloaded files to iCloud means filling the storage space up. Users who love to download things on the internet might be surprised to discover that they only have a little amount of storage space left for the more important things that they'll want to store in the cloud.
  • Second, this setup costs a lot of data. Users will spend data to download the file from the internet, and then spend more data to upload it to iCloud. Unless a person uses unlimited internet connection, this won't be an economical choice.

Thankfully, there's a way to change where Safari stores downloaded files, Cult of Mac noted. Changing the Safari downloads folder is easy and will help users have peace of mind, knowing that they're not using up a lot of data that they can use for other things. Here's how to change it.

Changing the destination folder

  • First, users should launch the Settings app, then scroll down and look for Safari.
  • Second, users should tap on Safari, and then tap on Downloads. Doing this brings up a menu where users have the option to choose between three different default storage locations: iCloud, On My iPhone, and Other...

Those who simply want to stop storing downloaded files to iCloud but aren't very particular with where they want to store things can tap on On My iPhone, ignore the iOS file picker that appears after tapping, then proceed to tap on Done. The iPhone itself will create a new Downloads folder on the device, and will use it as the default storage area for downloaded files.

Those who want to assign a specific folder, on the other hand, should tap on Other..., look for the desired folder in the iOS file picker, select that folder, then tap on Done. All Safari downloads will then be stored in the designated folder.

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