• Apple has included some hidden features on its devices
  • Some of its hidden features can be accessed via long presses on icons and other things
  • Long-pressing things in Safari can make using the Apple browser more fun

Apple loves to include some helpful features in its devices. These features are meant to make using its devices more enjoyable and fun.

Some of these features can be accessed with a simply exploration of the Accessibility settings on any iDevice, by pressing the Option key along with other buttons or icons on the MacBook, and so on.

One of the ways users can gain access to more interesting features is by long-pressing. A long press (or press-and-hold, as per MacRumors) on an icon, for example, can reveal a contextual menu. Long-pressing things in Safari will also result to some helpful functions.

Here are some things Safari users can do by pressing and holding on certain icons or things. Note that these will work on iPhones and iPads running on iOS 13.

Faster Web Page Scrolling

Those who are scrolling through a very long web page will find it easier and faster to scroll by long-pressing on the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the screen. Pressing and holding on the scroll bar enlarges it, allowing users to scroll up and down faster.

Hyperlink Sneak Peek

Long-pressing on a webpage hyperlink gives users a sneak peek at what the website displays. This means users will see what the webpage features without opening it.

Downloading Linked Files

Users can now download a linked file simply by pressing and holding on the link. Once the file is downloaded, it can be viewed via the Downloads Manager.

Close All Open Tabs

Too many tabs on the screen? Long-pressing on the Tabs icon (bottom-right corner on the iPhone and top-right on the iPad) will reveal an option to Close All Tabs.

Re-open Accidentally Closed Tabs

Accidentally closed a tab using the above feature? No worries. Simply open up Tabs view and press and hold on the “+” icon to see a list of recently closed tabs. Tap on the accidentally closed tab to open it.

Bookmark Multiple Tabs

Want to bookmark all open tabs? Simply long press the Bookmark icon while viewing one of those tabs and tap on the option to “Add Bookmarks for [number of open] Tabs” to bookmark all existing tabs.

There are more hidden functions that can only be accessed by pressing and holding on various icons in Safari. Users are encouraged to discover them for a truly intuitive iPhone or iPad experience.

Safari Logo Safari logo. Photo: Oorehov/Wikimedia Commons