Apple’s iPhone SE made a mark in the smartphone industry because it is big on features despite its small size and comes with a fantastic price to boot. It's compact but powerful A9 processor and sharp 12-megapixel camera made it one of the most sought-after iPhones when it was released.

This is why it is understandable that there is now a clamor for the iPhone SE 2 release. According to Cult of Mac, which released an editorial calling for another version of the iPhone SE, fans of the phone offered their support of the idea. The editorial pointed out that there is always a potential market that calls for a small and inexpensive iOS phone in both the U.S. and Europe. Keeping the SE’s original size could mean that Apple can keep the price of the next SE affordable and most fans agree.

“Yes to the SE2. There are a lot of us who just have no interest in a phablet. The low cost is one thing, but the SIZE is the big thing for me,” one user said in the comments section.

But could there be a chance of an iPhone SE 2 release?

It is possible, especially now that Apple is banking on a Chinese market that basically has a wide choice of powerful smartphones at a quarter of a price of Apple products. To compete in this market, the company has no choice but to come up with a cheaper handset. Today, Apple’s “cheapest” phone is the iPhone XR, which is considerably more affordable than the XS but still double the price of the SE.  

When it comes to specs, there’s not much information yet available, but some “leaked” information showed a possible SE 2 design. According to some Mac World, there has been reliable information that shows the current manufacturing of screen protectors and “factory CAD shots” for a smaller iPhone that’s very similar in size of the SE.

According to this report, the iPhone SE 2 will be slightly bigger than the original with a 4.2-inch display with a front Home button. One thing could be missing, however, as a Macotakara report said that the headphone port won’t be available, making this iPhone more suited for an AirPod or other Bluetooth devices.

As for the release date, reports say we might be seeing the iPhone SE 2 in the spring of 2019. It is also possible that the phone could be launched first in China and India to woo buyers looking for a cheaper iOS device.