Apple-affliated company Corning has confirmed that it is creating glass that would work for foldable phones. However, Apple has yet to confirm if it is releasing a foldable phone or even just working on one. Does Corning's announcement hint at Apple working on a foldable display phone?

According to Wired’s interview with Corning head John Bayne, their company is currently developing a “glass polymer,” a combination of glass and plastic, to make the foldable phone display. Normally, the gorilla glass is the standard choice for smartphone display due to its clear visibility and its protective durability. However, the glass isn’t heavily reliable when it comes to flexibility, which foldable smartphone displays need.

Plastics are known to be elastic and provide a similar visibility for the display, but they also show signs of wear when folded too much. This is unsightly for many users as the wrinkles on the display could ruin the viewing experience of the user.

Through Corning’s “glass polymer” technology, the new “foldable display” screen would have the durability and display quality of glass with the flexibility of a plastic display.

Since 2007, Corning has been known to supply Apple with iPhone screens. Potentially, Corning and Apple might be working together to make the iPhone X Fold.

So far, the iPhone X Fold has only existed in speculations, and Apple has not announced any details about their own foldable display smartphone. More than Corning, Apple’s rival Samsung is also rumored to be offering their foldable phone technology to Apple as the Cupertino giant has been known to buy OLED screens from LG and Samsung even though the companies are technically rivals in the smartphone industry.

In the company's March event in Cupertino, Apple head Tim Cook said that the company is already working on innovative devices that’ll surprise and impress the public. However, Cook did not say any more details about these new devices, whether they’re a new smartphone, wireless headset, smart watch or any of their known devices.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple to give us updates on their upcoming releases.

iPhone X Store display
Apparently, the speculated phone is expected to be in the same generation as the iPhone X. Pictured: A Chinese man holds his son as they look at iPhones on display at an Apple Store on January 7, 2019 in Beijing, China. Apple Inc. lowered its revenue guidance last week, blaming China's slowing economy and weaker than expected iPhone sales, as the company's chief executive officer Tim Cook said in a letter to investors the sales problems were primarily in its Greater China region that accounts for almost 20 percent of its revenue and includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. Getty Images/Kevin Frayer