• Smartphones are some of the most-used devices today
  • Since iPhones are frequently used, they can get dirty easily
  • Here are some ways to clean an iPhone's speakers

The iPhone is a great smartphone that allows users to do more things than just staying connected. It also allows people to record and listen to music, and capture and play videos. It allows people to be creative.

Just like any other smartphone, however, the iPhone can get dirty too – especially because it is one of the most-used items today. Apple itself released guidelines on how to clean and disinfect the handset, especially considering how the 2019 novel coronavirus spreads. Users should clean their iPhones frequently.

One of the parts of the iPhone that needs cleaning are the speakers. These parts have grilles covering them and protecting them from elements that could damage them. The grilles, however, can be covered with dirt, which eventually affects the iPhone's sound quality. They need to be cleaned carefully so they will be able to function properly.

Here are a few ways to clean an iPhone's speakers without damaging them, as per iPhoneHacks.

Painter's tape

Painter's tape, also known as masking tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape made of paper, which makes it easy to tear off. What's more, it uses a kind of adhesive that is designed to peel off cleanly, without leaving any residue. This can be used to clean the iPhone's speakers.

First, tear off a piece of tape, then roll it around while keeping the adhesive side out. Next, press it around the iPhone's speakers, being careful to check if there is dust and dirt. Repeat the process until the tape does not capture any dirt anymore.


Dry, soft toothbrushes can be used to remove dirt that made its way into the grilles. Users should brush them gently against the speakers so that the dirt will be removed without damaging the speakers themselves.

Users can also dip the tip of the toothbrush into a little alcohol before brushing it against the speaker. Alcohol dries quicker than water, making it a better and safer cleaning agent for the handset. It also disinfects, helping for a cleaner iPhone. Users should be careful not to soak the iPhone with alcohol, however.

Compressed Air

Compressed air can be used to blow dirt away from the iPhone's speakers, in the same way they can be used to blow away dirt from computer and laptop keyboards. These should be used far from the iPhone as too much air pressure can damage the speakers.

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