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Now there is a way for users of the newly launched Google+ network to simultaneously look at streams on their Facebook accounts.

An Israeli company called Crossrider has developed an application called Google+Facebook that has already had more than 100,000 downloads, according to Reuters.

Koby Menachemi, Crossrider's co-founder and chief executive, told the news agency: It's something we created in less than a day. The product is not perfect, yet you can view [Facebook] streams and update your status while on Google+.

Crossrider's application is free and adds an icon to Google+, allowing users can view their Facebook pages.

Menachemi added: It's a site within a site. If users want a feature to post updates on both networks, we will. If they want to comment on their Facebook screen, we will do it.

Google+ reportedly has at least 10 million users (perhaps many more) in just two weeks of limited operation. Facebook, the social media giant, has 750 million users worldwide.