• Jack Aitken is not proceeding as the reserve driver for Renault
  • Aitken finished in fifth place within the 2019 F2 championship
  • Aitken joined the Renault program in 2016 after the Formula Renault Eurocup title win

Formula 2 racer Jack Aitken announced on Monday that would not proceed as the reserve driver for Renault. He indicated moving to a new chapter.

Aitken was the winner of the 2015 Formula Recruit Eurocup and became Renault’s third and reserve driver in 2018, while he competed in the Formula 2 championship, where he finished 11th for ART.

In 2019, Aitken finished in fifth place within the F2 championship with Campos after he took three wins and four podium finishes.

Over the two previous seasons, Aitken had also been the test and development driver working for Renault, following his graduation from the Renault Sport Academy in 2018.

Aitken stated he would like to express his thanks to Renault and to the Academy for helping him to reach a decision where he would take the next step in his career. He is on course to reach the top of motorsport.

Aitken was very careful to say that he was not yet in a position to announce his plans for the forthcoming season, but he has indicated the need to stay tuned to the social media channels for the latest news on the matter.

A spokesperson from Renault claimed the Renault F1 team wishes him good luck in the future and thanks to him for everything that he has done for the team over the last seasons.

The Paddock rumor is that Aitken is going to be returning to Campos in Formula 2 that year though he has not confirmed it as yet.

Aitken joined the Renault program in 2016 after the Formula Renault Eurocup title win that occurred in 2015. He proceeded to join GP3 with Arden, where he finished in fifth place during the debut season and then followed that with a runner up position with the ART Grand Prix.

On the first Formula 2 season, he took 11th place, and he was partnered with then championship winner, George Russell.

Aitken switched to Campos Racing in 2019, where he scored the three wins. Aitken did participate in three official days of in-season Formula 1 testing with Renault in Spain and Bahrain, as well as a tire test in Japan.

The departure of Aitkens from Renault leaves them with former Williams driver, Sergey Sirotkin as the third and reserve driver, though Formula 2 racer, Guanyu Zou, has been designated the role of the development driver.

Renault also replied to Aitken’s social media post that it had been a pleasure working with him and seeing him go from strength to strength over the years.

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