The Situation
Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino's gossip site has fired back at former "Jersey Shore" cast mate, Angelina Pivarnick. REUTERS

Mike The Situation Sorrentino said he's in rehab for prescription medication problems, but maybe his real situation is his anger?

Sorrentino tweeted Thursday, I just want to thank everyone for all the support and kind words. It means the world to me and I truly appreciate it. Shortly after that though, he said, Angelina is up to her dirty little hamster ways again, referring to Angelina Pivarnick, a former housemate on Jersey Shore.

Sorrentino, on a quest for world domination, has created, which touts itself as the finest gossip source, and Pivarnick made the list.

Pivarnick has been speaking out about the latest Jersey Shore drama -- Sorrentino's admittance into rehab. The former reality star, who castmates called the Staten Island Dump, told the New York Post Sorrentino is like Popeye on crack.

When he was on the show, he got in trouble for having prescription pills, continued Pivarnick. We were filming in a club in Miami . . . one of the producers said, 'Hey what was that?' He had to give them up.

SitchNews fired back with an article entitled Angelina Pivarnick is a Liar. The article proceeds to explain why Sorrentino is a better person than Pivarnick.

Reason No. 1? The gossip site argues that Sorrentino went to privately take care of himself, while Pivarnick on the other hand, was supposed to appear on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab, until she delayed signing the contract for too long. Sorrentino is getting well on his own volition without receiving any monetary compensation.

That brings us to Reason No. 2: Sorrentino does charity out of the kindness of his heart, not to get recognition from Us Weekly.

As we reported earlier in the week, Pivarnick has joined forces with, where she makes $15 a minute by talking to fans.

On March 20, Sorrentino tweeted, You can now talk to Angelina for $15/min LOL!

Pivarnick tweeted back, How Dare u. Its going to go to Charity!! What Charitys have you done??? NONE!!!!!!!!! In response to Pivarnick's tweet, SitchNews was kind enough to list some of the charities Sorrentino has worked with: Ashley Lauren Foundation, Miami Children's Hospital, The Children's Hospital of New Jersey Foundation.

Sitch ended its rant by including a clip of Angelina's singing career. The caption read: Who would EVER release something like this, and asked Does this woman have a soul?

The site claimed it decided to go the classier route by only exposing truths that are already in the media as opposed to being completely malicious and spiteful.

While SitchNews does give some great reasons behind Angelina being the worst of the two, a better route might have been to ignore the whole thing. Sorrentino just comes off as angry and desperate to clear his name. Maybe his rehab should include an anger-management session, too.