Lindsay and Dina Lohan
Talk to Dina Lohan (right) on the phone for $25.00 a minute.

Reality stars, Playboy Playmates, desperate celebrity parents and more are now making money by the minute with new website

The website boasts that they are the only place where you can talk directly to a TRUE celebrity. A true celebrity may be a bit of a reach though. Check out who is willing to talk with their fans, and how much a minute of their time goes for.

Beverly Lynne

Beverly Lynne is an actress who mainly stars in erotic films. Her films include Bikini Chain Gang, Bewitched Housewives and Bikini A Go-Go. Besides erotic films, Lynne was also a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1998 to 2000. A minute to NOT talk dirty with the actress costs $22.00 a minute.

Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan is the infamous troubled father of the equally troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Michael has had numerous run-ins with the law, and has recently been struggling to get a job. The father had originally applied for a job at Burger King, but accepted a radio gig instead. Michael has a couple things in common with a couple other celebrities. Ex-wife, Dina Lohan, and ex-girlfriend, Kate Major are both available to chat with through Dial-A-Star. A minute talking with Michael Lohan costs a reasonable $10.00 a minute.

Kris Herzog

Kris Herzog has been a bodyguard to the stars for 25 years, which I guess subsequently makes him a celebrity. The bodyguard wrote a book entitled My True Hollywood Story: In The Inner Circle of the Rich & Famous. In his book, Herzog discusses Mel Gibson and his ex-wife Oksana, and making love to a famous client. A minute discussion with the man behind the scenes costs $10.00 a minute.

Jamiee Foxworth

Jamiee Foxworth is famous for playing Judy Winslow on Family Matters, but the actress has taken a slightly different career path since the show ended in 1993. Still in front of the camera, Foxworth now goes by the name Crave, and has been making a name for herself in the porn industry. Talk to the former Winslow about her time with Steve Urkel for $12 a minute.

A.J. Benza

A.J. Benza is a gossip columnist and T.V. host. Benza has appeared on Geraldo, The Montel Williams Show and The Maury Povich show. A minute with Benza costs $10.00 a minute.

Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub is known for being a Real Housewife of New Jersey. Besides the reality show, Staub has also gone on to become a T.V. personality, author, singer and adult performer. With such a hard-hitting resume, you can talk to Staub for a reasonable $18.00 a minute.


Angelina doesn't even need a last name. The former star of MTV's Jersey Shore may not be wanted at the Seaside beach house, but people seem to want to talk to her through the website. Angelina is currently on a call with a fan for $15.00 a minute.

Nadya Suleman

Remember octo-mom? Nadya Suleman somehow has time to talk to fans with 14 kids running around. Ask her how she manages to do it for $12.00 a minute.

Other celebrities making the list are Angelique Morgan of Rock of Love 2 fame, Hugh Hefner's runaway bride Crystal Harris, former reality star Tila Tequilla and of course Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan (who rakes in the most a minute with an impressive $25.00).

When presented with the choice of being able to talk to a celebrity in a private and anonymous phone conversation, how can you say no? Have fun chatting with real celebrities!