The Seaside, New Jersey home that houses the Jersey Shore gang has been vandalized! While it might not come as a surprise since the inside of the house was frequently vandalized by its famous reality star tenants, but on the outside has been tagged by hoards of fans.

TMZ reported that the walls outside the home are being vandalized by hoards of people. So what are these hoards writing on the infamous beach house? Names and random comments like We love you Snooki, says TMZ.

This isn't a one-time vandalism occurrence. According to TMZ, the realtor is forced to repaint the house on a weekly basis.

The vandalism doesn't stop at tagging the house. Fans have also been stealing shingles from the house, and have been trying to break into the front door when the home is vacant.

To help with the vandalism, the Jersey Shore producers increased security on the house. Seaside police have also begun to increase patrols in the area of the house.

As of summer 2011, the house was being rented out for $2,500 a night.