Jessica Dorrell
Jessica Dorrell's "inappropriate" relationship with Bobby Petrino may lead to the Arkansas Razorbacks football coach's undoing. University of Arkansas

Jessica Dorrell's inappropriate relationship with Bobby Petrino may lead to the Arkansas Razorbacks football coach's undoing.

Petrino is on paid administrative leave from the university after a police report revealed last week that Dorrell, a 25-year-old Athletic Department employee that Petrino hired just days earlier, was his passenger when he was involved in a one-vehicle motorcycle accident.

The football coach, who is married with four children, admitted to having an inappropriate previous relationship with Dorrell. It's unclear what the university's next move will be.

Petrino's involvement with Dorrell may cost him his job at Arkansas.

Here are three other college coaches involved in scandals -- two of them were out of a job, while one survived the fallout.

1. Mike Price, Alabama

Price was only six months in as coach of Alabama -- one of the most coveted jobs in all of professional sports -- in 2003 when a damaging Sports Illustrated article came out that alleged Price went to a strip club and brought one of the strippers back to his hotel for sex.

Price denied having sex with the stripper, Destiny Stahl, and sued Sports Illustrated for libel.

Although Price and the magazine agreed on a settlement, Alabama terminated Price just six months after hiring him.

Price was hired by the University of Texas-El Paso -- a far cry from an elite program like Alabama -- where he is entering his ninth season.

2. Larry Eustachy, Iowa State

Eustachy was hired by Iowa State in 1998 and achieved success at the school, reaching the Elite Eight in his second year with the Cyclones.

But in 2003, the Des Moines Register published photos of Eustachy at an Iowa State party with his arms around female party-goers with a can of beer in his hand.

The controversy led Eustachy to resign after Iowa State's athletic director recommended he be canned.

Eustachy has since landed at Southern Miss, where he led the Golden Eagles to the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

3. Rick Pitino, Louisville

Pitino's indiscretions with Karen Sypher, the wife of Louisville equipment manager Tim Sypher, came out when he went public with an extortion attempt from Sypher in 2009.

The Louisville basketball coach admitted to having sex with Sypher in an Italian restaurant in Louisville. Sypher said she was raped, became pregnant from the encounter and demanded Pitino pay her $3,000 for an abortion. But federal agents determined her story of rape and other allegations were not credible.

Sypher was found guilty of extortion and lying to federal agents.

While Pitino admitted to the affair and his contract included a so-called moral clause that would have given Louisville the right to terminate the legendary coach, the school stuck with Pitino.

Pitino has had continued success at the school, including leading Lousville to this year's Final Four, where they lost against his former team and eventual champion Kentucky Wildcats.