Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias (C) watches the jury enter the courtroom for her sentencing phase retrial in Phoenix March 5, 2015. A jury in Arizona failed to reach a verdict on Thursday in the sentencing retrial of Arias, sparing the former waitress from the death penalty for murdering her ex-boyfriend in 2008. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens said the jury was hung and declared a mistrial. Reuters/Tom Tingle/Pool

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias is expected to be sentenced Monday in the 2008 killing of her former boyfriend in Arizona. A judge will decide whether the 34-year-old will be eligible for parole after 25 years, or face life in prison.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens is set to determine the fate of Arias, who was found guilty of first degree murder in 2013 for killing Travis Alexander. Last month, Stephens declared a mistrial after a deadlock following a juror’s vote against 11 others who had sought a death penalty for Arias. The hearing on Monday is expected to include statements from the victim’s family.

During the trial, Arias said that she killed Alexander, who abused her physically and emotionally, out of self defense, stabbing him nearly 30 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in his suburban Phoenix home. She was reportedly arrested weeks after the June 2008 incident and initially denied any involvement.

"It’s going to be closure for the Alexander family and the public who are so invested in this case after all these years," Jen Wood, a journalist who has covered the trial from the beginning, said, according to Reuters. "Now it’s finally ending."

The case drew public interest after Arias did a jailhouse interview minutes after she was convicted of murder, telling a local TV reporter that she preferred the death penalty over spending her life in prison.

"I would much rather die sooner than later. Longevity runs in my family, and I don't want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place," she said at the time, according to the Associated Press.