For decades, many Americans have left their finances in the hands of their financial advisors and tax accountants because the majority of the population simply do not have the financial intelligence or literacy to understand how to manage their finances. While younger generations are seemingly more eager to learn and understand more about their finances, taxes, investments, etc. just last year, a study revealed that four in seven Americans are financially illiterate, and only a third of the adult population have a basic understanding of finance concepts.

Joseph Ernest Lang
Joseph Ernest Lang Joseph Ernest Lang

With younger generations like Millennials and Generation Z starting to rise up and challenge the status quo, finance and tax specialists like Joseph Ernest Lang of Southern Florida’s Tax Emperor are slowly making a difference in the lives of many tax-paying Americans with solutions that are rarely discussed, but certainly pertinent and potentially beneficial to one’s financial circumstances. Though most Americans would assume that an accountant is best served to help file and manage taxes, it’s tax specialists like Lang that are known for helping clients discover and take advantage of applicable tax exemptions and codes. As a tax specialist, Lang spent the last nine years studying the tax system, learning about exemptions, codes and strategies that most accountants are unaware of or do not make aware to their clients.

“I see so many people that are financially illiterate, so what we try to do is teach them how to make their money work for them by tax planning and educating clients on how to maximize their circumstances and find ways to lower tax liability,” Lang says.

Registered and licensed to file taxes on behalf of clients, Lang has been pleased to serve a variety of clients, ranging from individuals, small business owners, and middle-income households. Helping clients with strategy and intention, Lang looks forward to helping his clients not only make the best of their tax circumstance, but strengthen their financial literacy. To learn more about Joseph Ernest Lang’s Tax Emperor, visit his website.