Apple vs Samsung

As the Apple-Samsung trial approaches its end in San Jose, Calif., tensions in the courtroom are getting heated. When Apple's legal team presented a list of 22 more witnesses to call, presiding U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh asked if Apple's lawyers were "smoking crack."

Each company was allotted 25 hours to make its case. Samsung has only an hour of time left to present its side, while Apple has six and a half.

"I am not going to be running around trying to get 75 pages of briefings for people who are not going to be testifying," Koh told Apple's lawyer Bill Lee.

"I mean come on. 75 pages! 75 pages! You want me to do an order on 75 pages. Unless you're smoking crack, you know these witnesses aren't going to be called when you have less than four hours," Koh said.

Lee, however, believes that Apple's legal team can effectively interview all 22 witnesses and deliver a closing argument in time. He also brushed off Koh's insult.

"Your honor, I can assure you, I'm not smoking crack," Lee told Koh.

Of course, while it's highly unlikely that Apple's legal representatives have, in fact, been smoking crack, it's worth noting that Steve Jobs attributed much of his early success in computing to his experiments with LSD soon after dropping out of college. Jobs is quoted as saying, "doing LSD was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life."

Apple isn't the only party being blasted by Koh, however. Samsung has received their fair share of heat as well. Samsung has spent 14 of its allotted 25 hours cross-examining Apple's witnesses, leaving less time to present their own case.

Because of this, the Korean tech giant is expected to file for more time in the trial. Koh has frustratedly dismissed the excuse that Samsung has not has enough time to present its case.

"Samsung made a strategic decision to use more time to cross-examine," the judge said. "I am not going to allow the parties to file something that says you were unable to file, because you made a strategic decision."