Disgruntled San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard's preference is a move to Los Angeles; however, he would only move to the Eastern Conference if it was for the Philadelphia 76ers.

For weeks, it had been known Leonard wanted out of San Antonio as a move to the Los Angeles Lakers was seemingly his number one priority. When LeBron James finalized his move to the Lakers, the Leonard's focus remain unchanged at the time as joining him could have seen the birth of a new super team.

However, the most recent development came last week when the 28-year-old reportedly had a change of heart and no longer wanted to play alongside James. His reasoning was he did not want to play second fiddle to the three-time champion, which is understandable, given that he starred against the James-led Miami Heat during the 2014 NBA Finals where he was notably named MVP.

Instead, he still wants to go to his native Los Angeles but his preference is now the Clippers. While the Spurs would prefer for Leonard to go anywhere other than the Lakers, they still hold some cards due to the fact that he has a year left on his deal.

The Clippers currently do not have the assets for an enticing package but one team in the East which does is the Sixers, who the Spurs are in discussions with. Coincidentally, they happen to be the only team in the Eastern Conference that Leonard would consider joining as well, according to ESPN's Chris Haynes.

"I want to add clarity to that," Chris Haynes said during an appearance on 'The Jump,' as per NESN. "Los Angeles are his preferred destinations. He will consider Philly. That’s the only Eastern Conference team he would consider if they’re able to put a package together."

Along with the Boston Celtics, the Sixers are one of the few teams other than the Lakers that have the assets to trade for Leonard. The problem, however, is both Boston and Philadelphia are keeping their top players "off limits" as per ESPN.

The Spurs have reportedly asked the Sixers for three future first-round draft picks and two current players but if one of those players do not include one of either Markelle Futlz, Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid, it will likely be rejected.

The Sixers could include Fultz in the deal, even though he is one of their "off limits" players; however, they would have to consider losing last year's No. 1 draft pick in exchange for what could likely be a one-year rental in the form of Leonard, who could depart as a free agent next year.

There is also the uncertainty that comes with Leonard's ability. While he is truly one of the best players in the league today, he only featured in nine games last season due to a quadriceps injury, having last played in January.

Whatever happens in the end, it looks like the Leonard saga is going to continue for now.