A large fight that broke out on Sunday at an LA Fitness gym in Roseville, Minn., is the latest in a series of violent incidents at the fitness facility, according to media reports.

Local police arrived at the LA Fitness in response to calls about a fight involving 10 to 15 people, CBS Minnesota reports. The argument, which began during a pickup basketball game, escalated to a confrontation in a workout area.

Several videos containing footage of the altercation were uploaded to YouTube. The first two videos, which contain strong language but no violence, show several individuals engaged in a heated argument. A third video shows police arresting several people.

“People were actually throwing two and a half, five, 10 pound weights within the building,”  Police Lt. Lorne Rosand said.

Police arrested three adults and three juveniles. The adults face charges of participating in a riot and disorderly conduct. One of them was treated and released from a local hospital for a concussion, the report said.

Roseville police said that the fight was the most recent in a series of disturbances at the LA Fitness in Roseville. Officers responded to 147 incidents there in 2013; so far this year, there have been 24 incidents.

“It’s gotten to the point that [the gym] is bordering on a public nuisance,” Rosand said, adding that the gym's management has refused requests to upgrade the building’s security by installing cameras or adding guards.

“They don’t want to take any proactive measures to prevent theft in the parking lot or inside,” Rosand said. “I wouldn’t hope they would close. I just hope they step up like any business in the community.”

The gym's management had no comment on the incident, according to media reports.