Expectations continue to ride high that President Donald Trump will romp home with a second victory in the 2020 polls. The optimism is more prominent in market circles.

In Las Vegas, odd makers rate high on Trump as a potential winner and are betting on his next term. Wall Street also expects Trump to win the November 2020 polls.

However, state-wise pre-poll data is casting doubts on such exceedingly high hopes over Trump’s second coming.

The foregone conclusion used to be that presidents seeking reelection would win. 

Trump formally launched the campaign on Tuesday with the Orlando rally in Florida.

Despite the Trump wave, the  Democrat surge in Florida has been notified by the latest Quinnipiac University poll of Florida, that showed former Vice President Joe Biden staying ahead of Trump by nine percentage points at 50-41 percent in the matchup to state’s 29 electoral votes.

The Trump news on 2020 poll prospects, according to a Michigan pollster notes that Trump is trailing behind Biden by 11 points for the 16 electoral votes of Michigan.

Polls in North Carolina and Texas also showed Biden ahead of Trump by 12 and 4 percentage points, respectively.

Wall Street’s expectations on Trump

Wall Street maintains high expectations on Trump’s return in the 2020 polls.

During spring, a  survey of institutional investors showed 70 percent expecting President Trump to win a second term.

However, some recent national polls may force Wall Street to tone down such high expectations.

There is a surprise in Republican quarters at the Democratic edge in potential 2020 contests despite improvements in Trump’s approval ratings in recent times and the overall satisfaction with the economy.

In June, nearly 42 percent of Americans approved Trump’s performance as president. That was a 4 percent jump from May’s 38 percent.

But the trade war with China and turmoil in financial markets have slashed expectations of many Americans that the economy is getting better. That percentage has fallen from 45 percent in August 2018 to 39 percent in June 2019.

Biden’s advantage will exert pressure on the incumbent President. But the former vice president’s challenge is to win the Democratic nomination.

The Quinnipiac poll showed that Biden’s share of the Democratic vote has come down to 30 percent in June from the 38 percent in April.

Odds favoring Trump

On Trump re-election odds, a news feed says Trump’s re-election prospects are promising. Trump’s odd to win the election was +175 in April or a couple of months ago. In June, Trump has reduced it to +100 odds.

The latest release from BetOnline shows Joe Biden is the closest competition with +425 odds.