• "Last Epoch" can be confusing for new players as they try to progress in the game
  • It's best to focus on certain modifiers on gear instead of trying to build for everything
  • Skills should be leveled up and specialized wisely when playing the game

Among the many ARPGs in the market, “Last Epoch” is known as the perfect middle ground between the casual-friendliness of “Diablo” and the complexity of “Path Of Exile.” The game strikes a good balance between accessibility and depth without sacrificing any of the things that make the genre fun.

“Last Epoch” brings its own set of systems and mechanics for players to explore and for those who are new to the genre, all of these might prove to be a bit confusing at first. Everything from how abilities work to how loot and stats are acquired are a bit different from traditional games, and it may take some time before new players can find their footing.

Here are some quick tips on how to play “Last Epoch” for beginners.

Stack Modifiers Across Gear Pieces

Loot in “Last Epoch” has a larger emphasis on mixing and matching the right modifiers for the right build instead of simply forcing players to hunt for whatever gear piece has slightly higher base numbers. This means that most stat scaling effects rely on having the right modifier across most pieces of equipped gear.

Try to equip gear pieces that have the same modifiers like bonus health, armor or damage, as these are the primary sources of power in the game.

Prioritize Flat Damage Bonuses

Flat damage amounts are always better than percentage bonuses in the early game as base values are typically too low for percentiles to be meaningful. In the early game, prioritize getting flat bonuses to attributes or damage types to get the most out of every item.

Specialize And Level Abilities Wisely

Players can specialize in certain skills in “Last Epoch,” giving them access to game-changing passives that will drastically affect how the game is played. Specialized skills can be respecced one point at a time, but they must be leveled up again in order to reallocate the lost skill point. Keep this in mind before resetting skill trees.

Last Epoch's skills can be specialized to obtain new and powerful effects
Last Epoch's skills can be specialized to obtain new and powerful effects Eleventh Hour Games

It’s best to use different skills that fulfill specific roles; make sure to bring at least one skill for DPS, mobility, survivability and utility then adjust according to preference. This will prevent players from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options they have at their disposal and keep them focused on specific abilities at a time.