Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate Flickr/stephendepolo

It's all too easy to get preoccupied by other things and forget to buy Christmas presents. Every year people frantically run out to buy presents on Christmas Eve, still with no idea what to buy. Here are a few simple solutions to your last minute gift dilemma this year.

Putting together homemade hot cocoa mix is cheap and simple. Layer the ingerdients in a jar and tie a ribbon around it and you have a thoughtful Christmas present ready to give.

Whether you're shopping for your mom or a close friend, everyone needs a cozy winter scarf. The nice thing about scarfs is that they're sold at almost any clothing store and fairly cheap.

Wine is the perfect gift to pick up on your way to the Christmas celebration, especially for holiday get-togethers.

For any family member or friend that you would have pictures with, a picture frame is an easy way to go. After buying a frame, simply replace the generic pictures with photos of you and the person receiving and the gift and it is instantly personalized.

Most people love chocolate and if you aren't sure, you can assume that they do. A box of nice chocolates is guaranteed to be well received and can be picked up right before the Christmas gathering.

Travel mugs are a good bet for any coffee drinker in your life. They can be picked up quickly at Starbucks or any local coffee shop.

A Netflix subscription can be set up in minutes for any movie lover you need a gift for.

Slippers are a quick gift that men and women can both use. Any store that sells pajamas most likely has slippers as well.