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Mexican Prisonbreak

Mexican Prison Break Near US Border

Over 130 inmates have escaped from a Mexican prison in Peidras, located across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Mexican authorities have undertaken a massive manhunt, while U.S. authorities are closely monitoring the border to assist in the recapture of any prisoners that try to cross.
Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich

The PB&J Ban, Kate Middleton Topless Photos, And The End Of Respect

Few would say we're living in a time when people have much respect for each other. The Internet that was supposed to have ushered in an "information superhighway" has morphed into a snarky battleground and the presidential race reeks of angry versus angrier instead of being suffused by what voters need. Now, though, we're arguing about banning PB&J sandwiches and the Kate Middleton topless-photo scandal.
Missing Woman Found Alive In Freezer

Missing Woman Found Alive In Freezer [VIDEO]

A missing Tulsa, Oklahoma woman was found alive in a freezer, NBC station KJRH reported. Authorities believe the woman may have climbed into the freezer to take shelter from a storm, but the woman was unable to explain why she went into the freezer in the first place leading officials to believe she was disoriented in the first place.
New Species of Monkey With Unusual Coloring and "Human Like" Eyes Found in Congo

New Species Of Monkey With Unusual Coloring and 'Human Like' Eyes Found In Congo

Scientists have identified a new species of African monkey with distinct coloring that differentiates it from other species. The new primate species now scientifically named Cercopithecus lomamiensis was first found by a research team during their field surveys in a remote area of the middle Lomami Basin between the Tshuapa, Lomami and Lualaba Rivers in central Democratic Republic of Congo.
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North Carolina Community Rallies In Support Of Cabbie Brutally Assaulted By Marine [VIDEO]

Businesses in the Topsail Island region of North Carolina are teaming up to support a taxi cab driver who was savagely beaten reportedly by a U.S. Marine on Sept. 9. The cabbie, identified as Charles Hawkesworth Jr., has been recovering from the attack and will almost certainly be given a morale boost when local bars, restaurants, musicians, and residents come together this Sunday at the "Roving Band in the Sand Benefit for Charles."


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