Why Do Americans Celebrate Labor Day?

The celebration of Labor Day extends from the 19th century onward and is still a valuable reminder of how important workers' rights are to U.S. history.

Mexican Prison Break Near US Border

Over 130 inmates have escaped from a Mexican prison in Peidras, located across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Mexican authorities have undertaken a massive manhunt, while U.S. authorities are closely monitoring the border to assist in the recapture of any prisoners that try to cross.


Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich

The PB&J Ban, Kate Middleton Topless Photos, And The End Of Respect

Few would say we're living in a time when people have much respect for each other. The Internet that was supposed to have ushered in an "information superhighway" has morphed into a snarky battleground and the presidential race reeks of angry versus angrier instead of being suffused by what voters need. Now, though, we're arguing about banning PB&J sandwiches and the Kate Middleton topless-photo scandal.