• Rockstar Games rolled out the "GTA V Enhanced Edition" on March 15
  • The next-generation version is currently available on Xbox Series XlS and PS5
  • Rockstar Games has not yet announced the release of "GTA V Enhanced Edition" on PC

The next-generation content introduced in the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X versions of "Grand Theft Auto V" could roll out to the game's PC version, based on the leaked image shared within the community.

Gaming studio Rockstar Games launched the "GTA V Enhanced Edition" on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 on March 15. It introduced a raft of new features, exclusive content, enhanced gameplay and new graphics modes, and several platform-specific features.

A new leak, showing the Entertainment Software Rating Board ( ESRB ) rating of "Grand Theft Auto V," courtesy of the Rockstar insider who goes by the name Tez was shared online. It features the release platforms of the game, namely next-generation gaming consoles Xbox Series X & S, PS5 and PC.

According to a former Rockstar Games India developer, Rockstar is currently working on several unannounced games which could be "GTA 6" and "Bully 2." LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

While it does not explicitly say anything, the ESRB rating seemingly could mean many things. One is the possibility that the "GTA 5 Enhanced Edition," which was rolled out on next-generation gaming consoles, is also coming to the PC platform.

Another is the likelihood that the subscription service for "GTA Online" players, dubbed GTA Plus, could be made available on the PC. Should the "GTA 5 Enhanced Edition" finds its way to the PC platform, it is highly likely that it could receive exclusive updates.

Other fans speculate that the game's next-gen edition coming to PC could lead to "GTA Online" getting a standalone release on the platform. Unfortunately, the leak does not disclose the definitive release date of the game's next-generation edition's PC release.

Fans should temper their expectations and take this leak as highly speculative at this stage in the absence of an official confirmation from Rockstar Games.

"Grand Theft Auto V" was released in September 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and in November 2014 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's PC version was made available in April 2015.

It may take some time before the next-generation content will be available to PC gamers. Rockstar Games has confirmed it is currently working on the next "GTA" series installment but, until now, has not yet revealed anything further about it.