The LG G6 is rumored to have Pro and Plus variants, which will be released in South Korea by the end of June. REUTERS/Paul Hanna

A rumor is now circulating that LG Electronics will release Pro and Plus variants of the LG G6 by the end of June. The LG G6 Plus is said to come with a new feature, while the LG G6 Pro is said to be very similar to the original.

This latest bit of news was first reported by the South Korean news site etnews. However, the site didn’t provide its source of information, so it’s best to take this news with healthy dose of skepticism.

The report claims that the LG G6 Plus will be the same as the original G6. The only real major difference is that the Plus model will have wireless charging technology and will have 128GB of storage. The original LG G6 is only available with 32GB of storage in the United States.

Wireless charging feature is already available on the regular G6, but that feature is also exclusive to the U.S. The G6 is also available with 64GB of storage, but only in South Korea, Hong Kong and some other Asian countries.

As for the LG G6 Pro, the site claims that it will be very similar to the original G6. The report only states that the Pro model will have 32GB of storage, while the rest of the device’s specs will be the same.

This also means that both the Plus and Pro versions of the G6 will still come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor. That might be the most disappointing thing about these new G6 variants. It could have been better if at least one of these new versions of the LG G6 is powered by the more powerful and efficient Snapdragon 835.

Although it looks like the Plus and Pro models are mostly the same as the original, their pricing is what’s really different. The LG G6 Plus is expected to cost 999,000 won, or around US$890, while the LG G6 Pro will cost 790,000 won, or around US$700. For comparison, the original LG G6 costs 900,000 won in Korea, or about US$800.

The LG G6 Plus and G6 Pro will be available in South Korea's three major carriers by the end of June, while other territories will get the new G6 variants at a later date.

If this new rumor ends up being true, this will actually be the first time that LG has ever introduced different variants of one of its flagships with different names, as pointed out by Android Authority. This will actually be the start of LG’s new smartphone strategy.

The report from etnews also claimed that the successor to the LG V20, which is believed to be called as the V30, will also have different variants when it’s released later this year. The LG V30 hasn’t been announced yet, but rumors suggest that the handset might possibly come with a whole new design and that it will be equipped with a curved OLED display.

LG is also said to be planning to sell its low-end smartphones under the X-series line. The rebrand of the low-end handsets is LG’s way of making sure that those will no longer be confused with the company’s high-end or flagship smartphones.