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If we allow ourselves to be weighed down by past trauma, memory, and knowledge - we limit our ability to experience the bliss of higher consciousness. Shai Tubali has spent over 20 years exploring this elevated state - and guides those willing to this power through his app, Expansion Method. Already popular with thought leaders, decision makers, and influencers - Tubali's mediations and teaching can help you grow into grace and abundance.

The past is heavy. We pick up a memory here, another there. We experience trauma, which we wear like a wound that we think will never heal. Alone, these collected thoughts hold little weight - but gathered over the course of our time on earth, they quickly clutter our mind and limit our cognitive capacity in the present.

Shai Tubali
Shai Tubali Shai Tubali

On this topic, we turn to Shai Tubali, the expert of inner-transformation who has spent over twenty years teaching on the power of higher consciousness. An international speaker, bestselling author, and an academic philosopher at the United Kingdom's University of Leeds, Tubali has a paradigm-shifting approach to meditation that takes you beyond your own thinking. Through the ancient wisdom he applies, you can grow your capacity in trauma healing, decision making, and the pursuit of empowered past-free action.

Such aid is offered in the form of Tubali's revolutionary Expansion Method - the consciousness-altering technique used by thought leaders, decision makers, and anyone looking to grow beyond their current mental state to find new grace and abundance.

We often throw around the phrase living in the past. Tubali has a deeper perspective.

"Most of us are the past," he states. "We are in a constant state of modification and repetition - because the bundle of memories that we collect becomes so concentrated that eventually we become them."

This density of past experiences clutters our mind. The first - and most apparent - example of this is when we go through trauma. Life hurts us. These moments leave behind the mental wounds of shame, distrust, and limited beliefs. We give away our mind to recollection of these events - and watch as they consume our cognitive capacity.

Tubali - if we were to try to capture his life's work in a singular word - is an expander. As someone who's purpose and passion is in opening the door for people just like you to explore higher states of consciousness - his first focus often surrounds the healing of trauma, so that there can be room for abundance.

With a willingness to separate from the past, our consciousness can activate healing that emerges from within. "We have created these thoughts and beliefs," Tubali says. "We are the only ones who can discontinue them. We are the source of our suffering and we are the source of our bliss."

Yes, it is life that has hurt us. But it is our own mind that constricts us, locking our thoughts into constant reliving of that moment. It is a powerful revelation, for those willing to take action and put in the meditative work of letting go.

But healing doesn't just boost our mental capacity, expanding our mind empowers our cognitive ability to heal.

Shai Tubali
Shai Tubali Shai Tubali

When it comes to our existence as the past - it's not just trauma keeping us trapped in yesterday. It's also the human tendency to latch onto - and cling to - the confidence of knowledge.

Our mind has an incredible capacity to learn - and we have an innate desire to know. Once we learn, we find pride in our knowledge - often so much so that we close off space for new learning.

Children responding to advice from a parent with an annoyed "I know."

A high-performing decision maker refusing to look at new perspectives because they are the expert.

The pride-defending mental clutter of knowledge can manifest in different ways. In any case, it limits the mind's ability to expand.

"When the mind is unwilling to destroy everything that it has learned to start anew, then the mind begins to deteriorate," Tubali says. "This we know as the aging mind. We lose the opportunity to create our future because our future is only the past modified."

The true path forward is the one untainted by the past and memory.

In a meditation on the endless energy of the universe - available among others on his YouTube channel - Tubali says "Stars are born. Galaxies consolidate. Stars explode.

A huge cosmic movement - moving, spreading, gushing in so many directions."

In Tubali's eyes, our minds are of the universe. Our past was once the present - bright and mighty like great stars that must pass so the universe can create something new.

When it comes to mysticism, philosophy, and mediation - it's difficult to find a more diligent listener to the universe than Tubali. So newcomers to this way of thinking and being may feel daunted wondering how best to knock on the door to higher consciousness.

For the last 20 years, Tubali's aim has been to make this meditative bliss and universal oneness an accessible reality to all. " I discovered it in the heart of the universe," he says - speaking to a shift in consciousness that forever transformed his life. "It was given to me as a gift."

Tubali would spend years developing a framework to pass such a shift on to others - regardless of spiritual acumen. This effort would produce what is now known as the revolutionary Expansion Method. This technique - working faster than traditional meditation and safer than the use of psychedelics - will allow you to explore higher states of consciousness.

For a taste of what it looks like to expand the mind, the Expansion Method app offers guided meditations led by Tubali. For those looking to go deeper into their own spiritual needs - personal instructors are also available through the platform. There is even a 21 day challenge - "The Light of Positive Emotions" - a powerful experience offering wisdom and growth.

"My wish is to see people self empowered - realizing their own self autonomy and their ability to liberate themselves - the expansion is all about that," Tubali says. "It is about equipping you with the capacity to release the power of your own consciousness."

We are not the past - at least we can be. Much more awaits us when we open our minds to the expansiveness of the universe within.

Those seeking a guide to higher consciousness - and liberation from a past that clouds the capacity of their mind - will find a new door open when they explore all that Shai Tubali's Expansion Method app has to offer - sign up here. Unlock access to the 21 day challenge, "The Light of Positive Emotions, here.