Lear Capital is a household name for getting precious metals IRAs, and it has been successfully operating in the market for 20 years now. The organization holds a good reputation in conducting over $3 billion in regular transactions and is thus considered the topmost pick by customers looking to invest in precious metals.

Not only this, but it is also a company offering useful customer support to its clients along with the guarantee of smooth transactions. There's also this no-fee buy-back program along with professional staff for helping customers understand the transactions and answer all questions. On the whole, it is one company that truly deserves the Great Service award.

Lear Capital LearCapital

Gold IRAs at Lear Capital

The company puts in great efforts in encouraging its customers to put in their money in different precious metals by buying silver, gold, and various other valuable metal coins compliant with IRS guidelines for IRA.

It is the customer service of the company that sets it completely apart from its competitors. All the customers are assigned one-on-one customer representatives who help them and guide them through each step.

Some of the most beneficial features of Lear Capital include:

  • Knowledgeable customer support team
  • All transactions take place on time and without getting the customers rushing with things.
  • There are no tax penalties for transferring IRAs to precious metal IRAs.

Investing in Lear Capital IRA means you will have to start with an IRA Precious Metals Account. You can do this with the company's in-house IRA or Individual Retirement Account Processing Department. Once you have opened an account, it is the company's job to get in touch with you. They will work on your present IRA for rolling over IRA funds.

The customers will also get their personal representatives who will be working with them every step of the way, helping them choose gold IRAs. There are different purchase options available and complete descriptions, making it easier for the customers to buy the IRAs.

The prices of gold and silver coins available on the site keep changing throughout the day since they are priced at real-time rates. The customers get 10 minutes before check-out for completing their orders. This is done to keep the rate of the coin at the price it was chosen before the rates changed.

Once the customers purchase the coins, they get 48 hours for completing the payment for their orders. They have the option of mailing in checks or wiring money on the phone. Lear Capital always emphasizes the latter because check processing generally takes two weeks.

Once the customers have purchased the coins, they need to sign the Shipping and Transaction Agreement, which ensures that the coins with either be stored in the Brinks Coin

Depository or shipped to the customers directly.

Go by Lear Capital reviews, and you will find various customers suggesting that the company operates with a wonderful customer care department. Rahul Gupta, one of the priced customers at Lear Capital, says, "Lear Capital is always bent on educating its customers before they make purchases. This is one of the imperative reasons why I was successful in making a great investment."

Kirti Bajaj, another valuable customer of the company, says, "The customer support team at Lear Capital is quite professional. It has the ability of handling all major problems with complete ease while giving customers the ability of investing in gold and silver coins without considering it to be a risky proposal."

Why Invest in Gold and Silver?

Both gold and silver are maintaining their stance right at the forefront of useful and smart options of investment. People value their retirement the most, and therefore the majority of them depend on Gold IRAs. Dissimilar to gold investments, the value of conventional individual retirement accounts might drop if the economy faces a crisis.

More and more people are willing to diversify with gold investments mainly because they do not want their money to erode because of stock market crashes or inflation post-retirement. Government and banks generally do not have a major impact on the performance and value of gold and silver.

It is only because more and more customers are interested in using their present IRAs for Gold IRA rollovers. Perhaps experts in this field believe that this is the right time to buy gold and silver as it is all set to increase their value.

Investing in Gold and Silver is always a great idea because such investments can increase wealth. Contrary to silver and gold, investments such as financial portfolios and savings are impacted by global debt, international trade, and economies across the world.

Investing in gold is the key because it appeals to people and companies across the world. It serves as the one and the only foreign currency tested by time in different parts of the world. Hence, gold is one of the most prosperous investments.

The Bottom Line

Gold serves as one of the best hedges against inflation. In fact, it is the best store of value, which is why individuals are encouraged to purchase gold when they believe that their local currencies are losing value.

To conclude, inflation or no inflation, it is always wise to look at gold as a long-term investment, and it should be included in every individual's portfolio.