We forget where we put our Android phones from time to time. To help save some time and effort, there are some solutions to help you find your lost phone faster. Here’s what we know about them.

Google’s Official Finder

If you’ve lost your phone, Google actually has a website that helps you track your missing phone. By going to android.com/find , you can remotely send a command to your phone to ring, lock itself from any access attempts and purge the device of all data. Moreover, the phone’s location is shown on a GPS which allows you to find your phone.

If you’re just looking for your phone nearby, you could try ringing it. The phone ring will still work even if your phone is set to silent or has its volume down. Additionally, the lock function could not only lock your device remotely but also display a message on the lock screen. With this feature, you could inform the people who’ve picked up your device to contact you and return it.

As a last case scenario, the purge data button also gives you an option to protect the data in your phone. This feature is useful if the device holds sensitive personal, business or just really important data that you don’t want others to find. Once this is done, it would delete the location of your phone too and your device would then be truly gone. However, this feature is only possible if you’ve logged into your Google mail in your phone.

Third-Party Apps

If Google’s official app didn’t work for you, there are other apps that could also help you find your phone. For example, Family Locator, Prey Anti-Theft, Cerberus and even apps from your network providers can help you locate your phone.

Prey Anti-Theft and Cerberus are available for free on your app store, and once you’re done with the settings, they could help you locate your phone, lock your device and delete files in a similar manner as Google’s official app.

Meanwhile, the Family Locator can only detect, but it’s good if you want to check on your child’s device. Lastly, each phone provider like Verizon and T-Mobile has their own phone detection apps and manual processes to help you locate your phone again.

With these, you have many options when it comes to locating your lost smartphone, regardless if it’s inside the house or outside.

Samsung Android
Whether it be from Samsung or other developers, these apps can find your phone as long as it is an Android device. Pictured: A man walks past Samsung smart phones, Galaxy S3, at a mobile phone shop in Seoul on August 27, 2012. Shares in Samsung Electronics opened 6.75 percent lower on August 27, 2012 after a US court fined the South Korean firm 1.05 billion USD for breaching Apple's patents. Getty Images/Jung Yeon-Je