Does your Android smartphone lose battery really fast? It can be caused by many reasons and may just be the case for your phone before you start thinking of replacing it. Here’s what we know about Android battery issues.

Using Power Saving mode

Almost all Android devices have this feature when you drop down the top menus from above and scroll to the right. Once activated, your phone trades some of its performance to conserve battery life. Even if your phone is a bit slower during this time, this mode is great if you want to save battery life while commuting or traveling far.

Closing Battery Intensive Apps

Not all apps are made equal as some eat more battery life. To stop apps from continuously draining your battery life, this feature can be done through going to the Settings app for the Battery menu. Under this menu is the “Restrict” tool that allows users to block that app from using up battery and memory. This setting also recommends which apps should be restricted for easier management.

To check which apps eat a lot of battery charge, the Battery menus also provides the “Battery Usage” setting that shows you a list of apps and their battery consumption. From then on, it’s up to you which ones you’ll restrict to prevent them from draining. However, you still need to make sure that it’s an app you’re not actively using as it may cause problems for that app.

Closing Unused Background Apps

In smartphones, the phone is programmed to keep the app running when you leave to check on a different one or leave it. To check if you have some background apps running, just press the cascading rectangles button to the left of your device. Your Android phone will provide a list of running apps where you can swipe them out of the screen to close them. Alternatively, you can flush all of your running apps with the “Close All” button and just start again with which apps you just want open. With battery draining apps removed, your phone will operate with less processing load than usual and allow it to save battery from unused apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Games can be battery draining too. Close them if not playing anymore AFP/Getty Images/Jung Yeon-Je

Lower Brightness

As far as battery consumption is concerned, screen brightness is also a factor. At best, you’ll need to adjust your phone’s brightness depending on where you are. Lower it when out in the sun, amp it up a bit when indoors, and set it up to high levels if going into dark areas like nighttime or unlit rooms. Always having your phone at high brightness will be sure to drain your battery fast so its best to adjust according to the situation.