Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL
Microsoft's Panos Panay demos the new Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones. Microsoft

The Lumia 950 is almost here. Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft's flagship smartphone will be rolling out to stores on November 20 alongside the 950 XL, after technical issues delayed the release. While the 950 will be available only on AT&T, the 950 XL is expected to go on sale in U.S. Microsoft stores unlocked.

Why the delay? Windows Central claims there were some issues enabling Windows Hello. That's the all-encompassing authentication system that also enables iris scanning to unlock the device. The site reports that Hello iris scanning is "likely" to be available at launch, although if the Surface Book is anything to go by, it may need to be enabled with an update.

The two devices will be part of the first wave of phones to run Windows 10 Mobile. Using a special dock, the devices can "scale up" their interfaces onto a big screen, with the addition of a monitor, keyboard and mouse transforming the phones into a near-complete computer.

The scaled up interface has some limits that mean it won't be the exact same Windows 10 experience, but it will run the same universal apps that run on the smartphone. Known as Continuum, the feature has the potential to cement Microsoft as a mainstay in the smartphone market, as consumers are able to buy one device to work as both smartphone and computer. The Verge reports that the Display Dock, the device needed to connect the peripherals to the phone, will go on sale on the same day.