Amid rumors that the MacBook Pro will be getting a significant revamp in coming months, Intel's Vice President has revealed that its upcoming Ivy Bridge Processor -- rumored to feature in the MacBook Pro -- will be built for Retina Display computers, 9to5Mac reported.

The Retina Display was a term coined by Apple to describe its revolutionary 2048 x 1536, 3.1 million-pixel iPad screen. It's interesting that Intel's VP would choose to directly use Apple terminology when unveiling its latest chip at the Intel Developer Forum on Wednesday, especially as Apple is yet to announce its new line of MacBook Pro and iMac computers.

A Retina Display is, however, a likely feature in future Mac computers. Mac's OS Mountain Lion already drops a few clues through its use of HiDPI Retina images.

The MacBook Pro and the iMac are the most likely candidate for the Retina Display as some of its features could compromise the ulta-thin and light qualities of the MacBook Air. A laptop with a Retina Display woudl require a bigger battery to cope with the display, which would result in a thicker case, larger than that of the MacBook Air.

A source from Apple's supply chain told Apple Insider that the 15-inch MacBook Pro will be thicker than the MacBook Air, but thinner than the current MacBook Pro.

Another consideration of the Retina Display is heat. iPad owners have complained about overheating issues, which have stemmed from the bigger battery that supports the more powerful screen.

Rumors suggest the 15-inch MacBook Pro will be the first to get a revamp with Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge chipset, following by the 13-inch MacBook Pro and iMac computer.

Both models of the MacBook Pro are expected to be re-designed to look a lot like the ultra-thin MacBook Air.

Release Date

The next generation Intel chips will launch on April 23, according to reports obtained by 9to5Mac, which suggests the new revamped MacBook Pro line will be unveiled soon after.

Current release rate rumors are set for June. Several authorized resellers, including Best Buy's online store, are reporting that the 15-inch MacBook Pro is out of stock, which has spurred rumors that the release is fast approaching.

Apple TV went through a similar stock shortage at second party retailers in March, and it was not long after the reports of inventory constraints that Apple launched the new revamped version of Apple TV, alongside the new iPad.