• Apple's MacBook Pros are known for their overall performance and looks
  • Apple is working on improving how the MacBook Pro looks
  • A new design patent shows it is trimming the bezels around the display even more

Apple's new design patent shows a MacBook Pro model that's unlike anything the company has ever released before. Could this be the design refresh everyone's been waiting for?

Apple's MacBook Pros are known for their sheer computing power and portability. These notebooks feature the best that the Cupertino tech giant has to offer, whether it's in the areas of processing power, design or convenience.

Every MacBook Pro refresh that arrives comes packed with improved features. Newer versions come with slimmer bodies, wider displays and thinner bezels. Now, a new design patent filed in the Hong Kong Patent Office shows that Apple is working on a MacBook Pro with the thinnest bezels ever.

Apple's design patent showed images of the future MacBook Pro from various angles – a total of eight different views. It lets readers see a front and rear view of the device, as well as views from the left and right sides. It basically gives users a glimpse of how the new device could look once it gets released.

Apple MacBook Pro
A MacBook Pro with ultra-thin bezels according to Apple's new design patent. Apple/Hong Kong Patent Office

Here's what fans can expect from the new MacBook Pro design-wise should the company stick to the proposed design in the patent.

Ultra-thin bezels

Based on at least two images, the upcoming MacBook Pro will feature super-thin bezels on the top, left and right sides of the display. The bezels are actually so thin that they are almost nonexistent, giving the device that highly-coveted all-display look. The bottom bezel, however, is still thick, likely to house important components needed for the device to function.

That said, it's currently unclear as to how Apple plans to put front-facing cameras on the device. With ZTE recently announcing the first smartphone with an under-display selfie camera, the Cupertino tech giant may soon be able to use such a technology for a future device.

Ultra-thin chassis

The MacBook Pro shown in the images appears to be just as thin as current models, but it could be thinner.

A generous serving of ports

The images showed this particular MacBook Pro as having at least four ports and one headphone jack. The patent didn't specify what the ports will be, but it's safe to assume that some will be Thunderbolt 3.

Despite all these, the design patent doesn't guarantee that Apple will release an all-display MacBook Pro in the near future. This document could simply provide the Cupertino firm with the legal protection that it needs regarding the design.