• Apple is working on new MacBooks
  • One is a MacBook Pro with an SD card slot and is devoid of a Touch Bar, a report says
  • Another is a lighter, thinner MacBook Air that uses MagSafe charging technology

MacBook fans, particularly professionals who prefer the MacBook Pro, will be glad to know that Apple is working on a few substantial changes to the models that will be released later this year. Some of these changes include the return of a convenient feature and the removal of another highly-criticized feature, according to a report.

Sources speaking with Bloomberg on the condition of anonymity have revealed that Apple is working on new MacBook models that can be expected to be better than the current models available in the market. One of these is a new MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro will show Apple’s “renewed focus on Mac loyalists,” the insiders said. The new device will feature the “biggest update” since 2016 and will showcase the return of the SD card slot – a very helpful feature for professional photographers.

If the report is accurate, users will no longer have to deal with those messy dongles just to be able to transfer photos from a DSLR camera to a MacBook Pro. All users need to do is eject the SD card from their cameras and plug it into the MacBook Pro. Transferring photos and videos will be easier, just like how it was before the port was removed years ago in 2016.

Speaking of removal, the sources said Apple might remove the highly-criticized Touch Bar from the upcoming MacBook Pro. Originally meant to be used to access helpful and frequently used tools, the Touch Bar became a subject of ridicule among many users, especially when it malfunctions.

MacBook Air

Apple is also working on other Macs for release this year. Bloomberg noted that these models include an updated MacBook Air that will be thinner and lighter than the current model available in the market today.

The new MacBook Air, slated for release later during the second half of 2021 or early in 2022, will be powered by a new in-house chip. It’s currently unknown what this silicon will be, but earlier reports indicated that Apple is working on better chips than the M1 used in the current model.

The upcoming MacBook Air will also feature MagSafe charging technology – just like those found in the older MacBook Air. What kind of MagSafe tech this will be remains to be seen at the moment. The Cupertino tech giant could use the same design and tech it removed from the line in 2018 or it could take on a totally new design.

Man sitting in front of Macbook Pro
Man sitting in front of Macbook Pro Adam Nowakowski on Unsplash