Anti-Nuclear Energy Activist In Japan
An anti-nuclear energy activist plays the guitar and sings songs opposite Japan’s national parliament building in Tokyo Nov. 21, 2014. Recently re-elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may attempt to reboot next year the reactors that went off-line after the Fukushima nuclear crisis that began after an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Reuters/Thomas Peter

TOKYO (Reuters) -- A magnitude-5.9 earthquake hit Japan’s Honshu island Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake shook Fukushima where crippled nuclear power plants are located, but local media said there was no tsunami warning.

The USGS said the quake’s epicenter was located 42 miles east-northeast of Iwaki on Honshu. It was measured at a depth of 22.9 miles.

A representative of the Tokyo Electric Power Co., owner of the nuclear plants, said no irregularities have been found at its Fukushkma Daiichi or Daini plants.

The national broadcaster NHK said there was no tsunami warning, and there were no immediate reports of casualties or serious damage.

The quake also jolted Fukushima’s neighboring areas on Japan’s Pacific coast.

(Reporting by Jeremy Laurence, Junko Fujita and Mari Saito; Editing by Mark Heinrich)