Earlier today, Sony officially announced the release window of its next-generation gaming console, PlayStation 5. Expectant gamers could get their hands on the much-awaited gaming hardware in the holiday of 2020. Interestingly, a new job listing is hinting that another major open-world title is going to exclusively release on the PlayStation 5.

A new job listing is currently attracting attention and triggering speculations that it is going to be another major title that will exclusively release on the PlayStation 5. Between September and October, Guerilla Games has posted several new job listings, which hint that they are ramping up the development of another video game, speculated to be “Horizon Zero Dawn 2.” On LinkedIn, the game developer posted 16 open job vacancies among these is a Java developer who would help create the animation system of the game and do physics engine integration and networking layer.

PlayStation 4 might support PS One Classics when the 5.0 firmware update arrives later this year. REUTERS/ Mike Blake

Guerilla Games also posted a job opening for senior or principal quest designers with the hired applicant tasked to build challenging and exciting gameplay spaces that help tell a compelling narrative in a dynamic and rich open world. There are other job vacancies available, including art, designing, and producing roles. Interestingly, the job listing all talk about an unannounced game from Guerilla, which is highly likely to be “Horizon Zero Dawn 2.”

The speculation that “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” is in the works is actually triggered when voice actor Janina Gavankar slipped that she knows some secrets about “Horizon Zero Dawn 2.” She shared that the game looks incredible but did not share any further details. We know that Guerilla Games has long been working on an unannounced RPG, as supported by the job listings it posted last year.

The company previously posted a job opening for writers of quests and factions, among others, which are all crucial parts of “Horizon Zero Dawn 2.” The speculations that “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” is currently in the works also triggered speculations that it will be exclusively releasing on PlayStation 5. Its sequel was exclusively released on PlayStation 4 in 2017, so it is more likely that the sequel will be released on Sony’ next-generation gaming console.

However, with the latest announcement from Sony that it will be releasing the PlayStation 5 in the holiday of 2020, players might be disappointed that they will not yet get their hands on “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” during the PS5 launch. The game is rumored to be in the development until 2021 and might see a release window a couple of years from now. But, at this point, we still do not know the timeline of Guerilla Games. They can still speed up the development so that “Horizon Zero Dawn 2: could possibly make it and be a PlayStation 5 launch title.